A True Autumn’s Day

Happy Sunday lovelies!

To kick off 2016, I’m going to be sharing some photos from my boyfriend and I’s birthday weekend back in November. I’ve been meaning to get my birthday pictures up, but I misplaced my SD card and could not edit them during my vacation. Have no fear because I found them (obviously)!

In case you didn’t know, my boyfriend and I are only a day apart. He was born November 25th, and I was born November 26th. I surprised him on his birthday by decorating his room with balloons, streamers, and a cake. After many pictures, none of which I captured on my DSLR, we took our dog for a walk. We found this park that had the most perfect autumn setting. If you’ve ever live in Texas, you know that autumn is a rare site. It’ll last for a week or two, but most of the time it’s like summer shifts right into winter. The sun was peeking through the clouds that day and the leaves were just in the midst of changing colors. It was a perfect autumn’s day.



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