Sweater Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I know it has been forever since I made a post, and that is because I have finally finished my first semester of nursing school! The last three weeks were quite brutal to say the least. On my last day of finals, I had to pack up and head out to the airport! As I am writing this, I am on a bus headed to Los Angeles from San Jose. I spent the last three days in San Jose/San Francisco. I had the loveliest time in northern California, and I’m very excited to post those pictures up soon.

But I am here today with another outfit of the day. Texas had such beautiful weather during the end of November and beginning of December. My boyfriend and I had a made a visit to Bishop Arts District in Dallas one day after exams. While checking out Emporium Pies, we spotted this adorable wall. I I could’t help but capture my look for the day. 


Dress: Gap /// Knee Highs: Ardene /// Shoes: Forever 21


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