DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt Dresses

Hello lovelies!

One of my favorite pieces of clothing, if not my absolute favorite, are t-shirt dresses. They are so comfortable and casual, yet they can make you look more put together than a normal pair of shorts and tee. My favorite place to get t-shirt dresses is Brandy Melville – the material is so soft and comfy, but their clothing can be quite pricey for something so simple. I found the inspiration to try to make my own t-shirt dress while browsing through Instagram a few months back. I saw a post of a girl wearing a tie dye t-dress from LF. Knowing this, the dress probably was a bit pricey. It looked so simple to make that I thought I should give it a try.


So today I present to you, DIY tie dye t-shirt dresses! These are super easy to make and very affordable. A store bought t-shirt dress would usually cost between $15 – $50. With this DIY, you could make 9 different t-shirt dresses for less than $15. All you will need is:

  • Large Men Crew Neck T-Shirts (9 for $12.47 at Walmart)
  • Tie Dye Kit – includes gloves, rubber bands, and dyes (on sale at Micheals for $2.47)
  • extra rubber bands if needed
  • trash bags for protected surface

Please not that this DIY may work best for shorter people. Since I am using T-Shirts as a dress, some may not be able to pull off a t-shirt as a dress simply due to height differences.

Before starting to dye your t-shirts, make sure you have a good setup that will protect your belongings and surfaces from the dyes. Using plastic trash bags, tear them in half to create easily disposable protectors.


There are many different designs you can do with tie dye. I personally love the spiral look, but feel free to look up tutorials on various designs. This is your chance to get really creative with your dress!


When you’ve finished dying your shirts, leave them to dry in their tied positions for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove the rubber bands and air dry your shirts or throw your shirts in to the dryer for a few minutes to remove wrinkles. You may see that the colors from the dye are too bright. If you’d like to mute the colors, or give your shirts a fading effect, leave your t-shirt out in the sun for a few hours.

Almost there! Now it’s time to cut off the sleeves. This is definitely optional and just depends if you like the muscle tee look. I decided to cut the sleeves to my shirts that had bolder colors, and leave the sleeves on my t-shirts that were more faded. Cutting the sleeves off the t-shirt may take some practice. If you have an old t-shirt at hand, I recommend using it to practice on. Once you get the desired shape, use the practice t-shirt as a template to cut the sleeves on your newly dyed shirts. Make sure to fold the final shirt in half to ensure the sleeves are even.


And you are done! Here are three of the t-designs I made. You can really dress the t-shirt dresses up or down simply by using make up and accessories. The dresses may be short when you lift your arms, but just wear shorts underneath and you’ll be fine! You can easily tuck the dresses into a pair of shorts too to give a muscle tee look.


I know the dresses may appear short on me, but I do have a very small torso and long legs. These dresses fit nicely on me, and are so easy for me to throw on when I need to go out for a little bit. I hope you found this DIY useful!
I also start nursing school tomorrow! So please be patient with me and my blog. I am trying my very hardest to have a new post up every Sunday, but adjusting to nursing school will definitely be a challenge this semester!


3 thoughts on “DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt Dresses

  1. Lianne says:

    Hi Mimi! I absolutely love your blog. I recently went to South Korea and loved reading that section. Also, you and your bf are so cute! You should do more posts on romance and dating too ❤


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