Polaroid Photo Album

Hi everybody!

For the past year, I’ve been storing my Polaroids by stacking the photos on top of one another at my window sill. I tried hanging them on my wall, but didn’t really like the idea of using tape to directly stick them. I did create this Polaroid frame, but it only displays a couple of my pictures at a time. What would I do with the rest of my pictures?

I was walking through Target a while back, and stumbled upon some mini binders in the school supply section. They were absolutely adorable and only $5. I immediately knew these would be perfect to create a Polaroid photo album with. It’s so easy to customize, and it’s perfect to store and protect all your Polaroids in one spot!


To make a simple album, the things you will need are:

    • a 6×8 binder
    • a set of 6×8 page protectors (affordable ones here)
    • a variety of washi tapescrapbook or cardstock paper
    • your Polaroids!

Make sure to go to Michael’s and use their weekly 50% off coupons to purchase washi tape and scrapbook paper. You can get bundles of washi tape and scrapbook paper for $10, and they’ll last your forever. Start by stacking two sheets of the same patterned scrapbook paper on top of each other. Using one of the page protectors, trace the outline of the page protector onto the paper, and cut the outline out.


Lay out your Polaroids across the scrapbook paper to see which washi tape would look best with the photos and scrapbook paper. The layout of the pages for your album are completely up to you! You can really go all out and design each page to match the events of your Polaroids, or create fun themes. I like simplicity, so I laid out four photos on each page in chronological order and used a small strip of washi tape at the top of each photo.


The pages may be to big to fit into the page protectors. Trim the sides of the pages as needed so they can fit. Insert each the scrapbook paper in the page protectors and….


…..voila! There you have it! This is a really easy way to store your photos and easily look back at your memories. It can turn into a wonderful gift for a loved one, or just be a keepsake for yourself. I hope you found this useful, and if you do end up making an album, I would love to see it in the comments! I also have a polaroid page, here,  where I upload every polaroid I’ve taken.


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