The Valley from Stoney Point

Since I go California so frequently, I’ve decided during ever visit I have to go on at least one hike. Although California is known for its tourist attractions, beaches and lifestyle, I think the nature is underrated. Living in Texas, everything is so flat. The trails here aren’t that great, and it’s blazing hot. But California has rolling hills filled with great hikes awaiting to be climbed. One of places I’m dying to visit is Yosemite Park. I’ve visited the park before when I was younger, but I think a camping trip there would be amazing.

For now, I bring to you Stoney Point. This is an easy hike in Chatsworth that gives a great view of the valley. It’s known for its view and is a popular place for rock climbing. The hike took about 3 hours in total, and involves a lot climbing. Most hikes I’ve been on just involve walking, but this was like a strength workout! The only con to this hike was that is was filled with shards of glasses from broken beer bottles. Other than that, it’s a short and sweet hike!




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