Austin: Food Recap

I’m going to be breaking down my Austin trip into 4 separate posts.  Your first dose: the food!

Austin is quite notorious for its food, and the city definitely lives up to it’s hype. I was only in Austin for 24 hours, so I wasn’t able to eat everything I wanted. But everything was delicious. I will definitely have to come back sometime in the near future to try even more restaurants!

Little Czech Bakery isn’t actually in Austin, but if you’re ever in Waco you should definitely make a pit stop at this wonderful place. It’s a very popular gas station stop that is well known for its kolaches. They are absolutely delicious, especially the sausage and cheese kolache!

My friend told me I had to try Michi Ramen while I was in Austin. So before we went kayaking, we decided to grab some for lunch. I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to DFW ramen again. I had the Michi Regular and it was delicious. The broth was perfectly salted and the pork belly was so tender. I highly recommend this place for any ramen lover. Make sure you order your ramen with an egg too! Also they have 2 for $3 mochi for desert. The perfect sized desert after a big bowl of ramen!

That night we were walking around South Congress. South Congress is filled with so many food options and food trucks. My friend recommended Gourdough, a food truck that specializes in heart attack donuts! Unfortunately, when my group arrived, they had already run out of lots of ingredients. All my first choices in donuts were wiped from the menu sadly.  My brother had the Puddin, I had the Naughty and Nice and my cousins had the Blackout. The donuts are big enough to share and extremely sweet, so beware!

The next morning before we left for home, we had breakfast and tea at the Steeping Room. It’s a small restaurant that serves more teas then you could imagine. It’s a great choice for vegans and it’s a refreshing choice after dining on artery clogging donuts.


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