April Favorites



Monthly favorites are a popular trend among the blogging community. So here is my first ever monthly favorite!
April has been quite a busy and dull month for me – studying, volunteering, working, netflixing. I think the most exciting thing to have happened to me was receiving my acceptance into nursing school, which I am so incredibly thankful for. I only accumulated a few favorites this month as a result.

DSC_1122One of my newest purchases in April was my Nude Dude Palette from the Balm. I’ve only used the palette a few times, but I can already tell it’s going to be favorite palette I’ll ever own. This palette contains beautifully pigmented neutral eyeshadows. The colors are gorgeous and the shadows are so buttery. It has matte and shimmery shades so it’s perfect for any neutral lover out there! The packaging is great as well – sleek, compact and comes with a huge mirror.

My floral sneakers had been my most worn shoes last month. I got these cute sneakers from Target for only $8 when a shoe sale was going on. They’re super comfortable, and I can slip it on quickly when I need to run out the door.

When it comes to perfumes, I usually gravitate to either my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume or Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. But recently I’ve been reaching for this little number: No1 Parfum by JOYA. This is a sample size version I received in my Ipsy bag from a while back. The scent is musky yet sweet and settle. Besides the scent, I really have fallen in love with roller perfumes. They’re so much easier and quicker to use, and it’s very convenient to travel with!

5 college classes + finals = very stressed out Mimi. As a result, I’ve been breaking out more than usual this month *sad face*. So I’ve been using my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation anytime I wear make up. I consider this my full coverage foundation since it has great coverage and great staying power. Bonus: it’s super affordable!

DSC_1125 DSC_1129 DSC_1160And lastly, say hello to my new pet fish! My last beta fish had recently died (RIP Mochi), and I was feeling kinda sad not waking up to a hungry beta zooming around its tank. While I was at Petsmart picking up supplies last week, I stopped by the beta fish section and saw this beauty! He has beautiful hues of purple, blue and red throughout his body as you can see. I had to get him, and now he is happily living in his new home!

Thanks for reading throughout this whole post! 1 week left until I’m finally done with my second year of college. Ahh the agony. Till next time!




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