April 28th was my brother’s 26th birthday, so I thought I would take him out to a restaurant I heard a lot of rave about – Oddfellows. It’s a very cute restaurant located in the Oakcliff/Bishop Arts District in Dallas. I’ve always wanted to go this area since it has some beautiful art around the city, and has the hipster/cozy vibe. I couldn’t stay very long though since I had 2 exams the next day and needed to study. But I’ll be returning to Bishop Arts District once summer time hits!

Edit 6 Edit 5 Edit 4 Edit 1edit 8Edit 2Edit 3DSC_1074Edit 7For appetizer, we ordered hummus with pita bread and vegetables. I have to say, this was the best hummus I ever had. And it came with fresh warm, pita bread.
Deliciously flavored hummus + toasty, fresh out of the oven pita bread = heaven.
My brother and I decided to order the chicken and waffles, a famous dish here, and my boyfriend went for the bison burger. Everything was delicious, and I’ll definitely be returning.

Once we left and walked back to our car, I spotted this wall across the parking lot. It’s apart of an independent, hipster like store. I couldn’t help but take a snapshot with my boyfriend!

DSC_1089 DSC_1092


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