I’m sorry my past two titles have been terrible puns, but “Seoulmates” really does describe Seoul. There are two things about Seoul that really stand out to me. One, there are absolutely no trash cans in public. And two, there are couples everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Seoul isn’t the only city that doesn’t have public trash cans, but it’s really noticeable, especially if you’re use to the U.S. having a trash can at every corner. It keeps the city clean (surprisingly), but it’s definitely a pain to have to carry my trash around until I come back home. And then there are the couples. I’m not exaggerating when I say if you walked out in public to a crowd, 70% of that crowd would be made of couples, particularly college aged students. Seoul is home to many universities and it’s a city where most students wish to attend school. It’s not surprising to see how many college students comprise the population. But wow, I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a couple holding hands and wearing matching outfits (a trend in Korea). They’re many “forever and always” types of displays for couples too such as the locks (like the locks in Paris) and tiles displayed at North Seoul Tower, and the laminated discs in downtown Seoul.

I’m not complaining by any means! I find it very sweet how big romance is in Seoul. I feel like my boyfriend and I would fit right in since I’m a fan of anything romantic.
Korea is also the land of delicious food, especially deserts. I’m not a huge fan of green tea, but I went to a desert place called Osulloc that specialized in tea, especially green tea. I had amazing, bitter but sweet green tea ice cream along with a green tea cake roll. Oh it was so delicious! My brother ordered a hollabong, a sweet orange milkshake.

The rest of my time in Seoul was spent shopping and sight seeing! I wish so badly I had gotten more time to spend in this lively city. There is too much of Seoul to explore in a few days, let alone one day. Each city in Seoul takes you to a whole other place. It’s plenty of adventure for anyone who has wanderlust. Hopefully one day I’ll be back. Here are a few pictures from the rest of my day. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day. Next will be Daegu!

Temple Bright Temple Group Statue Tree YellowBridge 1Bridge 2

10314494_10206254004812026_2388342376751143503_n 10011236_10206254005132034_1931093199195311005_n 1902720_10206254007292088_3884940183464701077_nDSC_0479
Skyline photocred: Stephanie Phan


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