Seoul Much Fun

Ah, it feels like ages since I’ve written a blog post. I just returned from my amazing trip in South Korea! It’s crazy how much traveling I did in one week as I literally traveled across the whole country – Seoul, Daegu, Busan. My trip was cut shorter than expected since Texas iced over the day I was suppose to fly off. But no worries, I still made the best use of my time in this one of a kind country.

Because of my cancelled flight, I had to switch to a new flight that made my travel time even longer than I could ever want. Originally I was suppose to to fly DFW –> San Francisco –> Incheon. But my new flight had me fly DFW –> Los Angeles –> Tokyo –> Incheon. Thank goodness my longest flight had screens on the back of the seats to watch movies (I ended up watching 3 movies and 2 shows).

Before arriving to Seoul, I already had expectations of Seoul being a very busy city with bright neon lights, great food and crowded with people; almost like an Asian version of New York City. But wow, was I taken by surprise. After landing at Incheon airport, catching a subway to the heart of Seoul, and getting lost in the subway station/city for an hour an a half, I finally found my cousins. I had the biggest sigh of relief to be away from the crowd. Note, I did arrive in Seoul on a Saturday night, and I did end up near a university area. The subway station was like New York City on steroids. There were college students everywhere. They were running around like little ants trying to catch the train, tripping over their feet from their wild weekend clubbing, and pushing and shoving as they were use to this fast paced life. It’s crazy how many students could be out till 4 A.M. making the best of their social life. But Seoul is notorious for their night life. Everything is open till 5 A.M. and the streets are filled with good food, good drinks and a good place to dance the night away.

After checking into the Nanu Guesthouse 2 hours late (>_<), my cousins and I went out for a late night grub. We had stir fry vegetables with chicken along with soju and makgeolli to drink. I’m not the biggest fan of soju, but makgeolli  is pretty tasty as it’s a mixture of a liquor with cider (aka Sprite). The first thing you’ll notice about Korea when dining out is that the service is phenomenal. Waiters are so attentive to customers’ needs. Unlike the U.S, Korean employees are friendly, quick and make sure the customer is satisfied with their dining experience. Best of all, tipping is not usual in Korea! Tax and tip is already accounted for in the marked prices.

After dinner, we stayed out and browsed the night life until 4 in the morning. Restaurants, bars and even shopping centers are all open until 4:30 A.M. It’s insane! Seoul is filled with so much life. So many people are out and about, usually to drink. I saw a lot of girls stumbling along the sidewalks as their friends tried to hold them up. I returned to my guesthouse later on where I only slept for 4 hours thanks to two snoring men who were staying in the same room as me. The guesthouse itself was quite small but had everything I needed for a one night stay. It only cost $17 per person to stay the night there too! I highly recommend using Airbnb for your travel needs! You can find hostiles, guesthouses and homes that people are renting out for a reasonable price.

The next morning, my brother and I headed out to check out Seoul during the day. There is a huge contrast between Seoul in the daytime and Seoul at night. It’s almost like a ghost town in the mornings. Because everything is open so late, nothing is really open for business until 10:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M, which is odd compared to the U.S. You’ll only see a few older people walking around, but the streets are pretty empty. There’s not even any cars driving around! Nonetheless, the city is still beautiful One thing I really love about Seoul is there is a lot of color to it, day or night.

Before heading out to explore Seoul like the tourist we are, my brother and I stumbled across a cat cafe. That’s right, a cafe where you can drink coffee while petting cats!

This cat cafe was called Table A. At first when I walked in, there were no cats in site. However, cats began to crawl out of their hiding spots to my feett, rubbing their adorable heads against my legs. The cafe had ladders for you to climb up to different sections, each section filled with pillows, small chairs and hand sanitizer. I chose to enjoy my vanilla latte with three adorable kittens, one of which climbed onto my lap with no hesitation. Cats were everywhere — on the floors, chairs, stairs and even the beams that ran along the walls near the ceiling. Absolutely adorable is a complete understatement for Table A’s cats.

I thought I could fit my entire Seoul trip into one post, but I don’t want to drag you on for too long! The rest of my stay in Seoul will be up soon! As always, thank you so much for reading.


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