Backpack Goodies

This is the last installment of my travel packing series! On my last big trip, I had used a cross body to carry my Polaroid, make up, wallet, and phone. It was a big mess, and I didn’t want to repeat my mistake in Korea. There was no way I could carry around a small bag especially since I recently got a DSLR. I decided to invest in a small backpack that would carry everything I needed in style.
DSC_0238After a month of looking in stores and scouring the internet for a perfect bag, I decided to order this New Look backpack from ASOS. This back is perfectly sized for my trip. It fits everything I need, and the sturdy material gives me relief that this bag won’t fail me. There are also little metal stands beneath the bag to prevent my backpack from getting dirty when I put it on the ground. The backpack has two compartments: the main compartment for big items and the flap in the front for smaller things. There are also side compartments for last minute items. 
DSC_0276 exposedSo what will I be carrying around during this trip?
Nexus 7 Tablet: this tablet is absolutely perfect. I don’t know how I ever lived without a tablet. It’s great for travel because it is so light and compact – almost like a book. I no longer have to take my laptop around since my tablet does everything I need.

One Plus One phone: you probably haven’t have heard of this phone, but its very comparable to all the big phones today. the One Plus One is an exclusive phone that people typically can only get through invitation, however you can find it on eBay and Amazon from people who no longer want their One Plus One. It’s really affordable compared to the big phones since it has a 64 GB memory, fantastic camera, and huge screen for about $300 – $400.

The Face Shop Essential Collagen Face Mask: since my flight is going to be more than 12 hours long, I knew I needed to bring a mask that could keep my face hydrated. Airplane air is recycled air that sucks your skin dry. Be sure to stay hydrated while on a plane by drinking plenty of water and possibly doing a face mask, especially if it’s a long flight.

International Driving Permit: applying for an international driving permit is really easy. I got mine at AAA for only $15. I don’t plan to drive cars in Korea, but I definitely want to rent mopeds and scooters!

Notebook and Pen: like I said, my flight is going to be more than 12 hours long. I’m definitely going to get bored along the way. I recently took hand lettering as a hobby and thought this would be a good time to practice my skills. The notebook was gifted to me by a friend for Secret Santa.

Instax Mini 8 with film: I could not travel without my Polaroid camera. It was a gift from my boyfriend for our anniversary and it’s my favorite thing to take pictures with. I don’t take many pictures though since film is quite pricey, but I’ve definitely captured tons of great memories with it.

Kate Spade wallet (similar here): I adore my baby pink Kate Spade wallet. It carries all my money essentials with ease.

Emergency bag: unfortunately my trip is right when mother nature decided to deliver my gift. Always carry pads and tampons with you! You never know when your period could start or when another woman may be in need of one (been there, done that).

Fossil coin bag: I didn’t want to carry any spare coins I had inside of my wallet since my wallet can get packed pretty easily. My bank also gave me Korean wons in large bills so I already know I’m going to get a lot of change back. This coin back could also be used to carry jewelry.

Jewelry bag: I used an old Brandy Melville jewelry bag to carry my watches, bracelets and ring.

Opti-Free Pure Moist Rewetting Drops: this is always in my bag with me whether I’m traveling far or locally. My allergies have been the worst this past year and my eyes are always the victim. You never know what the air could be like in a different country, so be sure to get rewetting drops if you wear contacts!

Make up bag: you can see what I carry in my make up bag here.

Glass case: again, self explanatory.

Thank you so much for reading this whole post! I can’t wait to be back from Korea to share my experience on Coffee and Sunday.


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