Travel Make Up

My spring break trip to Korea is less than 2 weeks away which means I have to start worrying about what to pack. Even though my flight allows me to pack a personal item, carry on and checked bag, I think a carry on and personal item will be enough for a 10 day trip. I plan to bring a huge checked bag full of goodies when I come back from Korea though!

Over packing can be a huge issue and packing make up is no exception. The key is to try to only pack one of each kind of item and products that could be used in more than one way. I divided my make up into two different bags.
The first bag is used to store any face products and eye shadows. The second bag is for the pen like items including eyeliners, mascaras and lipsticks.

DSC_0039As you can see, I tried to stick to one product for each kind of make up (does that make sense?). I opted for my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation since it’s a fantastic foundation, and the packaging makes it very safe to travel with since it’s thin and not breakable. I struggled choosing between my Maybelline FIT Me powder and my beloved Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. During my last trip though, the lid to my Stay Matte powder had broken leaving my powder completely exposed to any bacteria and germs floating around. This had driven me paranoid, so I thought I’d go with a sturdier packaging, and I really do love the finish my FIT Me powder gives. For blush, I really couldn’t just pack one blush. I went with ModelCo’s Peach Bellini, a peach colored blush that highlights my cheekbones nicely, and my sample size Benetint for days that I want a more natural flush.

DSC_0055As for my second bag, I have the necessities for my eyes and lips. I don’t have any full sized mascaras open at the moment since I’ve been trying to use up my sample sized ones. I’ve been obsessed with my Urban Decay Perversion mascara lately. At first I really hated it because of the wet formula, but the more you use it, the drier it becomes. It’s super black and holds my curls very well too. I also packed my Make Up Forever Smokey Eye mascara for the late nights out (I forgot to add it into the picture). As for eyeliner, liquid liner pen is the way to go! My Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner is my holy grail liquid liner. It’s super black and doesn’t budge from my eyes. Mini review: I heard a lot of rave about the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner so I thought I would give it a try. I honestly don’t care for it as much because the amount of product that comes out from one swipe makes putting eyeliner on take forever. It’s a good eyeliner if you are looking to create thin lines. However, I like to have a thicker line so my Maybelline pen is perfect and affordable. But I brought the Kat Vod D Tattoo Liner with me just in case my Maybelline pen runs out of product (it’s lasted me for months now surprisingly!).

DSC_0059And of course there are my lip products. There was absolutely no way I could only carry one or two lip products. Since it’ll be cold during my stay in Korea, I decided to go with darker colors.
From left to right: Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal in Crystal Kiss, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate in #107, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeaux, Maybelline Color Whisper in Rose of Attraction, and City Color Stay Matte Lipstick in Cappuccino.
I would say more about these lipsticks, but I will be creating a favorite lipstick post in the near future.

Thank you so much for reading my post till the end. As you can see, my picture quality has gone up greatly thanks to my brother who recently got a Nikon D3300. I’m very excited to be posting more as this purchase has really encouraged me to post more. Until next time!


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