Initial Mugs

A few weeks ago I had made two DIY initial mugs that I gifted to my boyfriend’s parents as a super belated Christmas gift. I think anyone out there would appreciate a handmade, thoughtful gift over a purchased item. Even though everyone knows about DIY mugs, I thought these were a tad different from the usual and would be great to share!


Supplies: white mug (Walmart, $2.99), rubbing alcohol and an assortment of colored permanent markers

To make an initial mug, you’ll need a stencil of your initial to work around. I wanted to use a sticker stencil at first, but finding the right size and font you want at a craft store can be difficult. Instead, I looked up images of the initials I needed and adjusted the size in a word document to my liking.
Clean off the mug with rubbing alcohol first to get rid of oil and dirt.


Next, pick out colors that you think would pair nicely together. Using the lightest color, dot around the stencil closely. As you move away from the stencil, you want the dots to be more spread out. Repeat the same pattern with the next lightest shade and then the darkest shade.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_20150127_002433IMG_20150127_002550

You could finish off the mug with a personal message, an inspirational quote or an artistic design. After you finish with all the decorations, pop the mugs into the oven for 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and voila! You have a beautifully decorated mug.
A great way to gift these mugs would be to fill them with your loved one’s favorite coffee, tea or small treats. Either way, I’m sure whoever receives your creation will love it!


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