Home for Succulents

My cousin and I have had this mini obsession with succulents since we saw a woman selling little terrariums at the Grove in California. Since we couldn’t buy her terrariums and bring them home with us, we decided to make our own!
Terrariums are very affordable and make a fantastic gift for loved ones. It’s 100% customizable so you can personalize each one to the receiver’s liking.  Hopefully my little guide can assist you and inspire you to create your own ecosystem.

Home Depot is the best to place to get succulents. It’s kind overwhelming when you first see the selection of succulents you have to choose from because you immediately feel like every single succulent/cacti deserves a home in your soon to be terrarium. Start off by picking out the succulents you would like to purchase and start arranging different succulents together until you find the perfect combination. It’s very easy to get carried away and buy more than you can fit into a container. Variety is key. If you already have a flower looking succulent, don’t get another. Add different kinds of succulents to make your terrarium stand out.

DSC_0624DSC_0636DSC_0620DSC_0655The lovely succulents my cousin and I picked out ($2.98 – $3.98 each)
DSC_0643Other supplies you will need: gloves, pebbles (Home Depot; $5.98), potting soil (Walmart; $4.42), and glass bowls/jars (Goodwill; $1.99 – $3.99)

Building the terrarium is pretty self explanatory. Start off by laying some potting soil and then add pebbles to give the jar a layering effect, especially if your container is transparent. Dig small holes to plant your succulents, and pack soil around them to stabilize them. Handle the succulents with care! They are a bit fragile and can easily fall apart if you are rough with them. If you decide to put a cactus in, I would suggest doing so lastly since the cactus can prick.
DSC_0708DSC_0716DSC_0737And after lots of planting, removing and frustration that all 5 off my succulents couldn’t fit into my jar, I have my finished product!
My terrarium and Phil (my lonely cactus that was unable to fit) now live happily on my book case. I spray them with water every other day and they get some sunlight from my windows.
I hope this has inspired you build your own terrarium!


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