Hollywood Hills

My biggest mission during my trip was to hike to the top of the Hollywood sign. I was so determined to do this hike that I think I drove my family insane. What originally was suppose to be an easy hike for group of 11 turned into a “PG-13” hike for a group of 4. Our hike up was a bit difficult as it was steep and there were lots of rocks and cliffs to climb over. But we made it! I can’t express how great and self rewarding it felt to reach the tip of the sign.  Hiking is one of my newest hobbies. There are so many trails and beautiful pathways in the world surrounded by nature, and I can’t wait to climb them all.

IMG_20141221_121012 IMG_20141221_124540 IMG_20141221_133735IMG_20141221_133833 IMG_20141221_133913 IMG_20141221_141037 IMG_20141221_141300 IMG_20141221_143050


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