Birthday Boy

The last week of November is always a whirlwind for me. November 25th is my boyfriend’s birthday, November 26th is my birthday and then there is Thanksgiving. So let’s kick it off with his birthday!

This year we both turned 20. After a big party for him and I last year, we both decided to spend our birthdays as if it were another day. This year I got my boyfriend a new pair of brown combat boots from ASOS. They have wool lining on the inside for the cold winter days and are quite light. They look nice enough to be dressed up but can be easily worn casually.
The most special thing about receiving gifts is knowing that someone has been thinking about you and what would make you happy. A lot of thought goes into the gift wrapping as well!  I’ve fallen in love with plain, brown gift wrapping recently as it’s so simple. I finished the gift off with a bright, red bow and a handmade card.







Unfortunately, the shoes were too big for him so I had to return them for a different size. Oh the struggles.

Hmm, I wonder what is in store for my birthday?


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